When Jeremy Lin, Daniel Dae Kim, and John Cho Need Dating Help, Who Do They Go To?

After 20 Years of Being Rejected and Intimidated by Beautiful Women, I Discovered The Secret That Would Change My Life… And Now You’re About To Learn It Too!

Hello Sir,Is it possible to learn how to become the kind of modern Asian man that women of all races get turned on by and fantasize about?Yes!

And if it weren’t for a serendipitous phone call from destiny, I might still be a weak, dateless Bitter Asian Man (BAM), and you wouldn’t be on the verge of learning the formerly underground secrets of the top Asian dating coach in the world..

Do I have your attention? Good, because I’m now going to pay destiny forward, and what you’re about to read here is going to change your life. And when you’re done, you are going to know exactly how to…

Approach any woman you want, no matter how short or “good looking” you areKeep any conversation interesting and going on with never a loss of what to say Get over approach anxiety with rejection proof conversation starters

Stop being shy around beautiful girls and learn to recognize signs of attraction from her

Turn on any woman you want using the secrets of physical and sexual escalation

Go on amazing dates without any women flaking on you with lame excuses

Smash your limiting beliefs about scarcity, insecurity and humiliation

And much, much more…

Hi, my name is JT Tran.

This is my life, and I’m about to share with you how it can become yours too. I’ve finally crafted the most powerful dating secrets specifically and only for Asian men into the ABCDEF System, so if you’re sick of the garbage you’ve been fed since birth about how you have to follow the rules, and if you’re sick of all the dating advice out there that will never work for Asian guys like you and me, and if you’re ready for real change and to get real results, then read the following very closely.



Do you ever think back to a time in your life and you cringe at how embarrassing it was for you? Maybe it was when you confessed your love for a girl in the must publicly humiliating way possible. Or maybe it was watching in impotence as a girl you liked get swept off her feet by another guy who was a complete loser? We all have those moments, and mine was just about as bad as they come.

Because I played by the rules.

“Study hard and be a good student.”

“Become an engineer, doctor or a lawyer.”

“Put your head down, work hard and you’ll be rewarded.”

Listen, I don’t want to hate on traditional values… but I sure did despise them for the longest time. Because while I was following the rules, keeping my head down and being a good boy, I hadn’t realized that other people (who weren’t following the rules) were getting ahead of me. Especially in terms of social influence, attraction, and women.

It all culminated in the most pathetic experience of my life.

When I went to high school, a “cheerleader” type would have been completely out of my league. But it was the first day of college and this pretty Midwestern girl walked into my engineering class to sit down next to me.

She wore a slim-fitting tank top, a short bottom, and had her hair up in the cutest pony tail. This gorgeous co-ed was a straight up 9 out of 10 and she was heartbreakingly pretty with her blue eyes, strawberry blond hair, and soft skin. But what made me fall head over heels for her was her sweet, “all-American” personality and the kindest, heart-warming smile I had ever seen. I swear I thought she only smiled at me like that because I was so nice to her and always doing her favors to make her comfortable.

She was smart AND beautiful. Have you ever imagined what the perfect girl for you would be like? Not just what she’d physically look like, but also how she’d be emotionally and intellectually?

Yeah, I just knew she was the complete package and ideal woman for me.

I still get jealousy pangs just thinking about how I’m not with her.


And I never stood a chance.

We became what I thought as friends and we would study together in the library, do homework together, and if she didn’t have enough time to cram for an exam because of her social obligation to her Greek sorority sisters, I’d wouldn’t mind in the slightest sharing my answers with her.

Looking back, it all seems so silly now. You’re probably sitting there right now, shaking your head at how desperately clueless I was

I had never hung out with her outside of class because I didn’t know how to ask myself along to one of the big fraternity and sorority parties that were all the rage on campus.

But finally one day, a friend of a friend who was in a fraternity took pity on me and invited to the next big party. I was pretty ecstatic as I knew she’d be there with her sorority sisters.

So I dressed up in a white collared shirt and tie to this frat party and when I showed up, I knew that I was immediately out of place with the muscle headed frat boys in board shorts, puka shells, and backward wearing caps while the girls pranced around in shorts and bikini tops.

And even though I felt uncomfortable, I knew this was my chance to talk to her and really get to know her and maybe even woo her.

So when she showed up, I’m telling you, man, she was gorgeous. It was like a scene out of the movie as she walked down the house stairs as she tucks her hair behind her ears and the romantic music swells.

God I was such a romantic sap.

And as she reached the bottom of the stairs, I could screw up the courage to go walk up to hear as my heart was beating so fast and my stomach churning so bad. I was sweating in the spring time air with my collared shirt and tie, but I finally mustered up the courage to say hi to my crush.

I barely squeaked out a “Hi-” as my voice cracked before her bubbly sorority sisters swiftly surrounded her before I could say anything and they walked right past me as if I was invisible and wasn’t there.


When I walked out to find her, she was still surrounded by her Caucasian sorority sisters and as I approached the group of girls from behind, I overhead one of them say, “Who was that creepy, sweaty Asian? Did you invite him here?”“Oh god no,” said the love of my life, “I don’t know how he got here. He’s just in my class and I copy his homework when he isn’t looking. He’s really quiet and weird.”A piece of me died that night under the hail of their giggling ridicule, as sure as if I’d been cut down by gunfire. It certainly felt like it.

But that STILL wasn’t the worst part.

No, my heart broke when, as I stood there in shadows, on that sweltering spring night, and I saw her boyfriend approach.

This surfer looking dude, with grungy long blond hair, walking barefoot like some sort of homeless Adonis, holding a beatup skateboard, came up to her from behind and slapped her on the ass.

Her and all her friends squealed and she jumped into his arm.

I know I was in the shadows, but it was as if he had a knowing smile as he looked over her shoulder and straight into my churning gut that said “Oh, you’re the guy she’s cheating off of! Haha, that’s awesome man, thanks for keeping my girl in school!”

That f*^ker had a tiny smirk on his face too. My crush didn’t notice, but I did. And I knew exactly what he was actually saying. “I got the girl, and you didn’t. You lost. Nerd.”I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way… it felt like someone had maliciously jabbed me right in my throat. I couldn’t breath and suddenly my world got very dark. My vision constricted, and the back of my neck got hot.

And as I started listening to him talking (and I would later find out), I learned that he was on academic probation, smoked tons of weed, and was coasting through life on his mommy and daddy’s dime. He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He didn’t play by a single rule, but HE was the one dating her…

and it all happened while I was dreaming about my future with this girl.

The future I’d been working for my whole life by following the rules.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you…

because you were playing the “wrong game”…because you were an Asian competing with white guys… because you were trying to be sweet and nice when that’s not what she wanted…

… but if you have, then you know exactly how frustrated I felt. NOTHING in my life had prepared me to sweep a beautiful woman off her feet.



And I mean, heck, even after I graduated from college, I was even losing the ASIAN girls to white guys. I don’t even want to go into my “Tila Tequila” story or else I might cut my own wrists.

One of the lessons I learned is that if you’re a high value Asian male, but still a beta male, there are women, and yes beautiful women, who will use you.

Some guys are OK with that.

But I’m not.

And I hope you aren’t either.

But even if you’re not close to being as clueless as I was… even if you’ve already had even a taste of success, tell me if the following thoughts ever go through your mind?

Women will automatically reject me if I approach because of the color of my skin Hollywood and the media are to blame for making Asian men look bad I have to apologize to women or explain myself when I’m talking to them

Everyone assumes that I have a small penis

Girls won’t give me the time of day because English is my second language

People make racist comments when I’m around and I don’t like it.

I must communicate formally… and I get extremely uncomfortable around people who are cool or are not “polite.”

Any of those hit close to home? I mean, they’re all things that I used to think on a regular basis myself.

And it shouldn’t be too hard to realize that if you’re thinking stuff like that, you’re not gonna do too well with women.

You’re gonna be meek and apologetic. You’ll take what you’re given. You’ll be too nice when you actually do talk to a woman who’s giving you the time of day.

What’s a brother to do?


I have a confession to make and I have to come clean to you. I admit it. I Googled. I read up. And I bought in to the entire “pick up artist” community and the PUA hype.In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s an underground, secret community of men out there who teach guys how to pick up women. And there a TON of products that they sell to guys like you and me.Being the good student I was, I diligently studied the stuff and applied it.

As an engineer, I loved it! I loved the idea that something could be reverse engineered and applied. It appealed to my sense of logic and fairness in the world.

And I followed it to the letter. From tight pants to platform boots, I looked like a cross between a Triad gangster and a circus clown.

I started going out and partying all the time. I got so caught up in it, that I eventually left my engineering career behind. I wanted nothing to do with my old life…

Erik Von Markovik, VH1 The Pickup Artist


James Matador, VH1 The Pickup Artist


But like a diligent student, I was still playing by someone else’s rules: Like playing a game of chance at the house casino, it was a scam intentionally invented by club promoters and so-called “pickup gurus” to take hard earned cash from my pocket in order to line their’s.I was busting my ass and hustling for myself. I would approach “set” after “set”, “target” after “target”, and spout silly routine after silly routine, as if I was a robot… just like everyone was telling me to do. I was attending creepy “lair” meetings to “sarge” with other “PUAs” in the “community”, but I was still…



I wasn’t being true to myself. And I wasn’t even being cool… I was just a douchebag who traded one form of nerdiness and slavishly and unthinkingly “obeying the rules” for another.And if you’ve stumbled down this path yourself, then you know that what it imparts upon you in knowledge, it steals away in self-esteem and power.When you cannot take PRIDE in who and what you are… when you’re masking up the same old wounds of fear, self-loathing, doubt, frustration and limiting beliefs that have held you down your entire life… you’re still a…





And women can smell the cologne of desperation a mile away. They know when you’re putting a Flintstone sized child’s bandaid on a gaping mortal wound over your chest. They want a man with both POWER and CONFIDENCE.

(and sometimes immature girls will go too far… hence, why it seems douchebags get the girl – it’s a form of Jersey Shore-like power and confidence that appeals to the lower class, uneducated and immature).

I was looking outside myself for this magical power and confidence that all the PUA gurus were claiming to be able to give me and I bought it… but I didn’t get anything in return except more lonliness.


When you fall for all the Pickup Hype, you’re actually trading “lack of confidence” with “made up confidence”… you exchange being “powerless” with “power to impress other dudes.” And what I had to learn, what I painfully discovered was that NONE of this crap was actually attractive to a woman, much less a beautiful non-Asian female.

So it’s no wonder that after six months, I was even more unhappy and frustrated.

Yeah I was able to approach women and even get a few phone numbers here and there, but I was still getting ZERO RESULTS compared to my good looking WHITE FRIENDS whom I was regularly hitting the clubs with as their tag-along wingman.

When you completely transform your whole life around something that makes all these empty claims and hype, and they’re not delivered, well… let me just say that I was more than a little skeptical and disillusioned that anything could help me, an average looking, short, analytical Asian guy.


All my life I had been trying to stay away from being Asian and what that meant. Even, or especially, the so-called Seduction Community was saying that race doesn’t matter.Only your game, technique, routine, skill, or “Inner Game” mattered. That it could trounce all race issues.Except everyone who was saying that was a tall, good looking white guy.

All the PUA classes and knowledge were coming from good looking white guys and here I was, a nerdy, short, average looking Asian guy.

It was when I embraced being Asian, my traditions and heritage, that I find a kind of cultural confidence that no one else talked about.

I rejected societal conditioning. And now I was rejecting traditional Pickup Traditions.

I was so fed up with everything, that I stopped trying to avoid ways to avoid Asian subjects with girls and instead embraced it and even encouraged women to learn about what it meant to be Asian.


When I gave up the gimmicks of pickup routines…When I gave up the traditions and rules of society… That’s when I learned how to be a POWERFUL Asian Man…


And even though I’d heard people talk about attraction and confidence before, I’d never heard it explained in a way that worked for me. I started studying Buddhism and Bruce Lee and watched movies imported from Hong Kong. I even traveled back to the homeland in Asia with my mother and formed a tighter connection with my mom.I was searching what it meant to be a man and instead I found the heart of being an ASIAN man. There I discovered the most attractive, compelling, confidence-inspiring elements we as men share in common.I started a blog to regale both my adventures and misadventures. I was completely shameless in posting pictures of my homely mug as well as telling my most embarrassing (and fun) stories. I stopped being ashamed of being Asian.

I was dating Playboy models, fashion models, dancers, lawyers, import models, doctors, nurses, sorority coeds, tall blonds, leggy black women, fiery Latinas and I had multiple girlfriends, all the while without sacrificing who I was. I didn’t have to be an asshole or a douchebag to get what I wanted or even lie to them. Every single girl knew I was dating other women and they were fine with it.

And I didn’t have to be ashamed or hide my Asianness. In fact, it was amazing how many women I had been with who had never kissed, much less been with, an Asian man. And here I was the first Asian gentleman in their romantic and intimate lives.

I had learned to be the most Interest Asian Man in the World to these girls and to this day, not a single one of them will ever forget me because of who I was to them.

And I started taking pride in who and what I was.


Now some guys would have seen dollar signs, but to me, this was such an awesome responsibility that I felt intimidated by the pressure.Taking the life and future of this 18 year old boy and having a direct hand in forming him into a strong, authentic, Asian man was absolutely humbling. Not to mention just a little scary to me.But who else could take on this awesome responsibility? Who else was there who could be a positive, masculine Asian male role model?

To quote a wise man, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

So I told kid’s mother, “Ma’am, for 3 days and 3 nights, I am going to be the big brother he never had.”

As I prepared to meet this young man who was much like me, it was almost like I was back in college cramming for the most massive and most important final exam of all… The final exam of life!

I brought together a massive 100 page game plan, my journal and psychology notes dating years back, and created a weekend syllabus to teach this young man.

Even better, because I was an engineer, I could explain – and later teach – how to act and speak with confidence, fun, and flirtatiousness in such a way that would definitely get results! I wanted to impart to him, as best as I could, how to be a genuinely attractive, powerful, charismatic Asian Man.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

From that spark was born not just that of a young man, but a movement. A movement for Asian men who wanted to be viewed as masculine, confident, powerful and desirable in the eyes of women and society.

I never set out to do this, but global forces were at play and my phone started ringing off the hook. Across the country, Asian men had become sick and tired of the Hollywood media perpetuating asexual stereotypes, knocking us down, embarrassing us and encouraging girls to ignore us or even worse, see us as emasculated, beta drones.


By fighting against societal conditioning and being the positive social change to men around me, I had accidentally tapped into an invisible but growing community, an Asian men’s movement if you will, and Asian men across the world were clamoring for me to help them make a stand too for their rights as men.We were sick of playing by the rules while losers, douchebags and assholes were winning and getting the girl. It was time to break societal conditioning and change the rules of the social and romantic matrix.It was finally our time to shine and be counted amongst the winners!





Before I knew it, I was travelling the world helping men from London to Sydney and New York to Los Angeles. And men from all over the world like Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, India, and England also came travelling to learn directly from me. The were paying their own flight and expenses so they could join in on the ground floor of global, positive social change and becoming the kind of modern day Asian male role models that they had lacked themselves growing up because Hollywood had refused to show in the media and in the movies.Years later, as I became more well known, I would run into my young prodigy after he had graduated college. As we sat down for coffee, he told me- with a huge grin on his face- of his life after that transformational weekend.Better yet, after dating multiple girls in college, he had finally settled down with an incredibly gorgeous girl, living with her, and even entertaining the thought of perhaps marrying her.

This time my diaphragm got constricted, the back of my neck got heart, and my vision started blurring, but all for different reasons.

Good reasons.

It’s been years since the fateful day that changed both of our lives. I have since gone on to be on national television, I was voted numerous times as the world’ greatest Asian pickup artist and dating coach, and I’ve made the front pages of both magazines and newspapers alike.

In fact, at one point I was compared to the likes of Asian superstars like Daniel Dae Kim, John Cho, and Harry Shum Jr.

One Emmy winning female reporter even called me the “Jeremy Lin of Dating!”

But despite all those accolades, the ones that truly matter are the success of my students. Those are the medals that I proudly bear on my chest.

“The ABCs Boot Camp is the only thing the modern man can participate in so that he becomes a true man. It is here, where I believe, your weaknesses are overcome, your fear is annihilated and your belief in yourself, fuelled by immense determination, is completely reborn. What we all went through on the Boot Camp was hell on earth. For those of us who pushed ourselves, we didn’t come back as Gods on earth. No. Not even close. We came back as God himself… because we had defied everything humanly possible. We defied our limiting beliefs, we defied our fears, we defied the capabilities of a human being… and we had redefined what it was to be a MAN.”

Will, Sydney, Australia



Eventually, I had to start cutting back on coaching and leaving it in the capable hands of coaches that I had personally trained and certified, but it only fanned the flames of desire. After a big TV appearance on ABC Nightline in front of 4 million people, this “Asian Playboy” was flooded with requests for my teachings…Eventually, the demand for my knowledge grew to be too much. Even with all my trainers, who were based in New York and San Francisco, from Dallas to Toronto, and even in far flung places like Thailand, I could only handle so much.After years of holding back, only teaching in person and in the flesh, I relented to the demand and I finally condensed the ABCDEF System, that I was teaching in the exclusive ABCs of Attraction bootcamp, into the ultimate magnum opus of dating, pickup, and seduction for Asian men. It is the most thorough and complete manual to attraction, confidence, and sexual success as I could imagine it to be.

The result?

The guys LOVED it. Here’s what they had to say about it.

Glowing Reviews About the ABCDEF System…


“JT’s bootcamp was amazing, I learned the basics and more advanced stuff in 3 days compared to a year of reading for 6 months. The classes were short and concise, and most importantly direct and interactive. Compared to what I’ve heard about other instructors, Asian Playboy addressed the common problems that Asian Males would go through while learning pickup while teaching us the solutions we needed. The weekend was so jam packed with knowledge and experience that calling it great would be an absolute understatement.”

Chan, Toronto, Canada



So it’s with the utmost humbleness… and complete confidence… that I now present to you the groundbreaking teachings, as seen and proven on national television in front of 4 million viewers, that have helped an elite group of Asian Men develop overwhelming confidence, get the girlfriends of their dreams, and completely transform their lives. I am proud to introduce…



The Modern Asian Man is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Look – most of the advice you’ve gotten from well-intentioned parents, cousins and friends is how to show the girl how smart and successful you are. But in the Modern Asian Man, you’ll learn how to fly in under the radar and develop REAL attraction that goes beyond not only what every other Asian guy you’re competing with has been taught to do, but also to successfully compete against and win against any man, whether he’s a good looking Caucasian male model or a muscular African American athlete.

In this massive dating compendium, I’m is going to take you into the heart of what it is to be an attractive Asian man, and how to attract women of all races, because you’re Asian. It is in the one stop shop for EVERYTHING dating related, every concern you’ve ever had when it comes to dating (and even the ones you didn’t think you had).

If you’ve ever thought of one of these problems, then we have the solution for you:

I have NO idea how to be sexy. Heck, I don’t even have much body hair I should always fit in and blend into the background and not stand out.

All the guys and even most women are taller than me.

Women never look at me when I’m around and never ask me out

I’m ashamed of my Asian identity because it’s a HUGE turn off for women

I can’t get into a relationship with the girl I CHOOSE

I don’t have powerful, overwhelming confidence because of who I am

And the Modern Asian Man goes way beyond helping you in the department of dating and romance, it will help you in other areas of you life where taking charge and being a leader can not only get you the job, but negotiate higher salaries and get the respect of your coworkers and underlings. You learn how to:

Be comfortable in group settings especially around tall, alpha guys Improve your chances at acing a job interview

Learn the secret language that is being spoken behind your back everyday

Gain the compliance of your coworkers so they do what you ask them to do

You will learn exactly how my clients and I think, speak and act around women to create a burning desire to experience us…


…as friends, and as lovers.

And you will know what it is to have complete control and power over the women you choose to spend time with (hint: it’s not by being a douchebag).

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been studying this stuff for years, or just realized that you need to get your dating life handled, because I know this:

Wherever you are in life, the Modern Asian Man system will easily double the number of women you meet, attract and date.

But only if you’re an Asian Man. In fact, the whole system has been built around how to attract women by being Asian… from your opening line to your whispers in her ear, she will first be curious, then captivated, then enchanted with you.

Best of all? The system works on all women. Asian women love an “alpha dog” of their own race, who makes them feel powerful and attractive too.

Women of other races will be enchanted to find an Asian man who shatters the stereotypes. When you speak with the power that the system teaches, and use the tools and techniques I’m going to teach you, non-Asian women will be fascinated and enthralled in your presence.

Big claims? Sure.

But then again, our program has been developed by the World’s Greatest Asian Dating Coach who has taught at Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale, University of Chicago, and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania live and uncensored on national television in front of MILLIONS of people.

Remember, as an aerospace engineer, I had to learn, understand, break down, and reverse engineer incredibly complex systems like spacecraft and rockets. Now when it comes to teaching you how to get better with women, it shouldn’t be as hard as rocket science, but if it was, wouldn’t you want to learn from a real life rocket scientist?

When you put these secrets to work, you’ll be blowing away other men who are stumbling around without a clue.

Even the guys who have been studying and making movies on dating advice. Why?

“Perhaps the most stereotypically Asian thing about JT’s system is his demeanor as a teacher. Imagine your authoritarian Asian dad. Now imagine he knows how to pick up girls. And he’s pushing you to not only get straight A’s, but also to get off your ass and find a girlfriend. That’s JT. The Tiger Dad of pickup.


For men who are serious about learning pickup, one of the most difficult things is to find an instructor whose philosophy and teaching style mesh well with your personality type. JT’s strict father style is not for everyone, but for those who work well in a no excuses, tough love atmosphere, he can be very effective.What I admire most about JT is his dedication to empowering his students. He is unabashedly proud of what he does and fervently believes in his cause: empowering Asian men. “Social change through pickup” is what he calls it.”


-Gene Cajayon, a filmmaker based in Long Beach, California. His credits include The Debut, the groundbreaking Filipino American feature film starring Danté Basco



Kathryn Morris, TV Star (Cold Case)


Don Cheadle, Movie Star: Hotel Rwanda


Claire Sinclair, Playboy Playmate of 2011 and Miss October 2010


Rampage Jackson, MMA Fight and Movie Star from A-Team


Shay Lynn, Miss Nude North America


Leanne Crow, UK Glamour Model


Wesley Snipes, Movie Star: Blade


Dustin Nguyen, TV Star: 21 Jump Street


Bokeem Woodbine, Movie Star: Total Recall


Even if they frantically read every book, watched every DVD, and listened to every podcast, they still wouldn’t be able to find the master key that you’re about to learn.And I say this because thousands of my students have told me what I cover during my live training is never addressed in mainstream programs. I have the inside track on what it takes to make Asian men successful in both the boardroom and the bedroom, and I’m about to hand everything over to you on a silver platter.

I don’t want you to suffer through the pain and frustration that I’ve had to go through and experienced. The Modern Asian Man will literally shave months, even years, off your learning curve if you let it.

You’re going to learn stuff that no other material could teach you, the things that matter to us as Asians.


The Game Plan: Steps A & B

The exact, step-by-step, nationally recognized and proven system that I took to go from zero to hero. It’s as easy as learning your ABCDEF!How an average looking, out-of-shape, and short Asian man like myself can not only compete, but win against men who are taller and better looking The “death traps” of certain routines and gimmicks that trick Asian men when they’re working to become more confident women, and why you MUST avoid them at all costs (and how)

How to come in “under the radar” and approach women without any chance of being rejected or ignored by women

How to have unshakable confidence by adopting the winner’s attitude

Avoid the Zero-Calorie Human Being: Steps C & D

What women REALLY think of you and of Asian men, the inside secrets to the female mind, what she’s thinking, why she’s thinking it, and how YOU can use it to YOUR advantage.How to really connect with a woman and make her attracted to you as man How to use your Asian masculinity to turn a woman on until she’s the one kissing you!

How to form a deep, almost spiritual, connection with a girl so that she’ll never look at another man again

How to manage any conversation so you never run out of things to say, keep her interested in you and always know how to make even shy or “stuck up” girls laugh anytime you want


A Real Man Vs a Mangina: Steps E & F

How the boys are separated from the men, the wheat from the chaff, and the elite from the losersWhat it means to be a man and what it takes to be the kind of MAN that make other guys say they want to be you and women want to be WITH you How society suppresses the Asian instinct to manhood and how you can fight against its malicious conditioning and influence

How to use your Asian identity to make women fall under your spell and fall head over hells for you

How to ruin her for other men or at the very least make it so that she’ll only ever date Asian men after you’ve moved on from her



This month change is possible within 6 months… How long will it take you to become a truly Modern Asian Man?
There’s no way that you can read the Modern Asian Man and not be fundamentally transformed.Does that scare you?If it doesn’t, GOOD – because you’re ready for the challenge because your victory will be all that much sweeter and I know you’ll embrace it with passion.

If it does, GREAT. To quote one of my personal heroes, Bruce Lee once said, “Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.”

When you become the MAN you were always DESTINED to be, that will be my reward because there’s nothing quite like seeing someone with so much potential for success in life tap into that and start becoming who he was meant to be.

With the Modern Asian Man, I’ll be there with you, showing you each step and breaking it down into the most simplest and easiest way possible, the pillars that supported me, and the shortcuts I used to circumvent the social matrix and become overwhelmingly confident, and wildly popular with women.

We’ve Started A Community Together…

“The thing that I liked the most about the bootcamp was that JT genuinely cared about the students. You could tell that JT would get really excited when one of us achieved one of our goals, and he would get upset when we failed to meet his expectations. He is one of the nicest guys I have met, and a really great field instructor. He teaches not just for money but also to help other guys struggle through what they themselves struggled through in the past.”

-Taro (Chicago, IL)”


I’m not gonna lie to you – the stereotypes are out there. You and I both know that there are stereotypes, hurtful and malicious stereotypes perpetuated by the media.We’re paid less and we get less respect in the workplace. Not to mention from women. We have to work harder, game faster, and just BE BETTER. We’re not allowed to slack off if we want to not only be just as successful as everyone else, but we have to work TWICE AS HARD if we want to be MORE successful.Some Asian men become meatheads and hit gym.

Some Asian men become nice guys and get all sweet and sensitive.

Some Asian men become salesmen and talk so much it’s annoying.


the truth is that none of those is the answer.And that’s why I put the together the ABCDEF System. Because…I want to arm you with every ounce of wisdom I have, every critical tip, trick and tactic to become totally powerful and play the game to WIN.

And when you’re done learning what I’m going to teach you…

You’ll FINALLY be one of the Few Modern Asian Men!

This course is no-holds-barred, life-changing material from the Top Asian Dating Coach in the World. It will

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Get Ready for INSTANT and HUGE Shifts in Your Life and What You Think is PossibleAt this point in my life traveling the world, helping thousands of Asian men like you, and dating some of the most beautiful women in the world, I know what works. And what doesn’t work. It’s not a set of canned lines or routines that will be spoiled if it “gets out there.” So I want to get it out there to as many disheartened Asian men as possible. I love teaching these social dynamics, and I’ve made it as easy as possible to incorporate into your life and get results… FAST.But how much will it cost you?

One one hand, it’s immeasurable. The results of years of personal mistakes, research, infield testing, mentoring, training, coaching, teaching and all the successes and failures from the nationally recognized Top Asian Dating Coach in the World.


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The Modern Asian Man is not a bag of black-market tricks or dubious snake oil that claims to get women in your bed with 3 “magic” words. This is about powerful, long lasting change and becoming an authentically confident Asian man. If you’re looking for a magic pill that claims to get any women into bed with tricks and gimmicks, this isn’t it.The Modern Asian Man isn’t a abnormal course on hypnotism or weird science.Everything I’m about to teach you has been thoroughly researched, practiced, and applied in real life by yours truly as well as over a thousand clients around the world to create amazing change in their lives. Your goal for this book will be authentic confidence and power, not to purchase it simply because it looks “different.” 

The Modern Asian Man isn’t just the “fundamentals”.Well… let me explain. If you were to show me this stuff when I was just starting out, I wouldn’t have comprehended how truly powerful it was. This is a book that you can go over time and time again and grow with over the course of your life… I still apply these principles in my everyday life. These are lessons you’ll use from the boardroom to the bedroom and you’ll be all that much more successful in those areas of your life.

Like anything, the Modern Asian Man isn’t for everyone. Nothing should make the pretentious claim to be. But if you’re a decent human being with good intentions and who doesn’t want to manipulate, lie, or mistreat women… If you’re a guy who can follow a nationally recognized, completely solid, proven strategy for success, and you have a real burning passion to become a powerful, unstoppable, confident, and Attractive Asian man, this will have a truly profound impact on both your life and results.


This is the real deal- it’s the proven system that goes beyond mere gimmicks and trickery and delivers lasting confidence and profound change.Your limiting beliefs and identity as an Asian man are going to undergo a radical expansion by a stellar magnitude. Women are about to start noticing your in the best possible way and your peers are about to start giving you the respect you deserve.I wish I could be with you six months from now. When your future self looks into the mirror… what you’re thinking… the voice in your head… the adventures you’ll have and the women who will be in your life… I wish I could be there to see that big silly grin on your face that I know you’ll have.Are you the kind of man that will embrace that positive change? Are you sick and tired of not getting the results you deserve?


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I just spent the last few days painstakingly pouring over this letter to you. Because I want you to have all the tools you need – and feel the passion and unbridled excitement and enthusiasm I feel for life and for women – before you make your critical decision about this.There’s no doubt in my mind or any of my past students’ mind that the Modern Asian Man will profoundly transform and radically improve your life, your confidence, and your attractiveness! I have spent years working with Asian men from around the world, and seeing student afater student experience successes beyond their wildest dreams.So I write to you now with a very simple promise:

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When I found my external Hard Drive collecting dust last month, I also found a TEN!!! of my most popular coaching CDs, and one of our most popular and advanced empowerment seminars. The PUA Radio CDs were selling like hotcakes for almost $100 for the entire package! The advanced seminar was priceless, because I put it online for just a week or two as an exclusive to our ALREADY SUCCESSFUL students and then I took it down, forever.And I’d like to give these coaching CDs and seminar to you, for free. Here’s a brief description of each and how each will help you become more successful with women.


Do you have any particular sticking points?Are there areas in pickup that you just can’t seem to get past?I have met so many guys who would literally be picking up hoards of women if they could just get past a certain problem.

Sadly, no company has created any kind of product that really breaks down the little details of pickup, allowing guys to truly understand it and move forward.

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Where as most videos and CDs spend just a few minutes on each detail of pickup, PUA Radio will BREAK THEM DOWN step by step, dedicating entire CD’s to make sure you are rid of your sticking point once and for all.

Have problems with Approach Anxiety? Most guys do. PUA Radio Volume One will take care of that Need to work on your Inner Game and confidence? Learn how to overcome social stereotypes with PUA Radio Volume Two.

How about acting and being an Alpha Male? Or how to achieve the social and sexual hookpoint with women? We have you covered in PUA Radio Volume Three.

Are you getting cockblocked by bigger dudes or they won’t give you the respect you deserve? Learn how to FIGHT back and beat those douchebags with PUA Radio Volume Four!

Is Last Minute Resistance from women giving you blue balls? Then learn how to blow past and straight into her bed with PUA Radio Volume Five and then follow it up with the PANTY SOAKER MANEUVER in the EXPLOSIVE Seventh Volume!

Ready to have threesomes? Or start expanding your game to include social circle game, day game and dance floor game? Join the club. Check out Volume Six and Volume Eight.

Do you want to learn how to make girls pay for YOU? Or understanding what women REALLY think about what men do? Then get them to buy you drinks and plump their secrets using Volume Nine!

Are you confused about how to use and develop your own Attraction Material and Conversation Starters? We reveal the mysteries and simplify them down to the basics in PUA Radio Volume Ten!

These CDs were some of our most popular items as it covered the entire spectrum of challenges and obstacles a man might face and offered solutions from normal, average guys just like you and me. You get learn the lessons and learn from their mistakes without you having to repeat the same painful and embarrassing cycle!


Finally, I’ve included an advanced seminar bonus that I’ve NEVER sold or put on sale before!It’s a “secret” audio recording by Johnny Wolf, one of my instructors and best friends, who is THE EXPERT on lifestyle game who has spent the last few years in Thailand, teaching scuba diving, competing in Muay Thai kickboxing, and sleeping with the most beautiful European backpackers and Asian women in the world!I don’t want to spoil the surprise of what’s inside this bonus product (HINT: The Acceleration Seminar was originally called, “How To Never Let a Girl Date Flake on You Ever Again!”), but it will definitely impact your results and confidence IMMEDIATELY and TONIGHT!

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